Futura Collection




The Futura collection designed by Hanno Giesler for the new IVG home collection brand is designed to furnish with flexible and timeless elegance covering all space requirements for living and sleeping areas. The eye-catching design of furniture and objects, together with the meticulous search for materials and their colour combination, define a cosy atmosphere in which tastefulness encompasses contemporary hints. Futura is the exclusive detail that characterises the new lifestyle by IVG Home Collection in a multi-sensory journey between beauty and luxury and encompasses craftsmanship and elegance, in perfect Italian style.

The Futura collection is characterised by the use of exclusive materials such as veneer like thermo-treated eucalyptus wood, precious marbles like Zebrino and volakas, and nubuck leather upholstery, processed and assembled by our expert craftsmen to create a selection of extremely precious products.

Italian Design

Each element of the Futura collection is a synthesis of beauty and creativity, conveying Italian elegance in every detail.
Choosing Made in Italy furniture means investing in high
high quality, timeless beauty and a living experience
imbued with authenticity and whispered luxury.

Valuable Materials

Each proposal is distinguished by the use of fine materials.
Refined coatings envelop each creation with elegance,
marbles and stones add a touch of natural beauty, skilfully crafted metals offer sophisticated reflections. Each material
contributes to defining the Futura collection as a set of
habitable works of art, where elegance is combined with functionality.

Inspired by nature

The Futura collection speaks of sustainability and respect for the environment. Valuable eco-friendly materials are combined with non-toxic and sustainable materials. Research and development of technological innovations make the production process more environmentally friendly.


Immerse yourself in timeless luxury and comfort with our exclusive contemporary designer living room. The elegance of the living room lies in the balance between minimalism and flair. Every detail reflects our quest for perfection: fine wood finishes add warmth and refinement, marble enhances the elegance of the space, while the skilful use of metal lends a stylish and modern touch. Experience the ultimate in comfort and contemporary elegance with our luxury sofas and armchairs. Sophisticated details and clean lines create a cosy atmosphere, enhancing any living space.

Dining Room

The day elements of the Futura collection are characterised by the absolute preciousness of the materials, the fronts of the drawers and glossy lacquered doors are faceted and give movement to the static geometries, the sides upholstered in real leather with refined stitching frame the individual objects, the interiors in heat-treated eucalyptus wood complete the careful choice of finishes with a combination of contrasting yet sinuous materials. The laser-cut metal bases with diagonal geometric shapes contrast with the rectangular forms of the whole.


The Futura bed fully upholstered in top-quality leather is characterised by a slightly curved fan-shaped headboard with an unconventional, soft elegance intended to create the ideal setting for the sleeping area The bedroom complements in heat-treated oak wood are graphically enhanced by the metal details on the recessed handles and the floor-standing base units.



The style of the German architect and designer Hanno Giesler perfectly combines the excellence and flair of Italian design with rigour and functionality through the skilful use of high quality materials. To his experience and professionalism, IVG Home Collection has entrusted the conception of the new iconic collection. Giesler has been able to fully embody IVG’s guiding characteristics, pouring them into contemporary design products that meet the trends and demands of the market. With unparalleled craftsmanship, Giesler transforms spaces into works of art, blending elegant lines and fine materials to create an unparalleled visual experience. The quality of raw materials merges with functionality and emerges through essential and cosmopolitan design proposals.